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Body Composition Scale: On amazon, look for Renpho or Healthkeep as inexpensive options that include weight, body fat%, visceral fat, skeletal muscle... (see episodes 28 & 130)

Bowel Movements / Constipation: (ozonated, oxygenated alkalizing magnesium) find best price on Amazon Mag07 (see episodes  17, 55 & 83)


Echo H2 Water: (that link will give you a 10% discount, Echo H2 Water machine, see episodes 53, 3-6)

Glutathione: NutriSwish and NutraSkin (see episodes 120 & 121)

Healy (energy device): (see episode 94)

Km (alkalizing, detoxifying, oxygenating digestive tonic): choose "Km" lowest price on amazon  (see episode 46)


Mitochondria Nutrients & Immune: alfa PXP Royale and alfa HFI discount code wow20off & wowfreeshipping (there are 2 ways to get a little more discount, but the cheapest option requires a manual entry by me as a member) (see episodes 37, 82, 50 & 108)

WOW Drops - weight loss & wellness homeopathics - Slenderiiz set has 2 bottles, Slenderiix and Xceler8:  promo code WOW15PERCENT (all CAPS)  (see episode 8)



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