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Leptin Resistance - Closely Related to Insulin Resistance

So many people are insulin resistant, don’t know it, and are eventually diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes. When we examined the possible signs and possible solutions in recent podcast episode 114, we find that LEPTIN resistance has most of these same signs and solutions. The term resistance means that the receptor sites on our cells are not readily and effectively receiving the signal they are being sent by the hormones as we are brilliantly designed. Want to avoid both? Start with an all natural organic diet with plentiful clean water and avoid toxins in our personal items, cleaning items and more.

We have companion hormones leptin and ghrelin that tell our brain when we are full (satiated) or hungry. They are balanced best in our deep sleep, many people not receiving in our stress-filled modern-day world. Leptin is emitted by our fat cells and normally would signal our brain that we have plenty of fat in overweight people, but if we are leptin resistant, we might feel like we are always hungry, even after a meal. So the weight can continue to rise…

Grehlin is emitted in our gastrointestinal tract, which is often compromised with challenges like leaky gut syndrome. Ghrelin in a healthy gut person would signal the brain to get us hungry so we will eat more. Guess what – in our toxic world, there is also a leaky brain syndrome where the blood brain barrier is compromised and toxins enter the brain and compromise brain function, signaling to cell receptors, memory, concentration and more.

To remember which is which, think of leptin as LIPID – fat – telling our bodies we don’t need more food if we have enough fat stored (satiety). When our stomach growls, think of ghrelin to signal hunger and eating more.

When we have leptin resistance, we might feel like we’re continually hungry even after a meal or sweets, keep gaining weight especially around the middle, and we seem to rebound gaining our weight back right after we lost the weight.

We CAN change the out-of-balance situations – leptin, ghrelin and insulin. We can focus on super clean eating, plentiful pure water, high quality sufficient amount of deep sleep, stress management or reducing, and avoiding toxins all around us. We can use high quality air purification, water purification, choices of what we bring into our homes for shampoos, cleaning materials, etc. We can cleanse the body, listen to our body’s signs and take action from a place of awareness and responsibility.

I invite you to watch the podcast that debuted the same day as this blog article – episode 115 which can be found at In the podcast, we mention “mitochondria nutrients” that are proven to help with the glycation issue affecting these challenges and these nutrients can cross the blood brain barrier, requiring virtually no digestion and providing peptides to repair and rebuild while powering up our cellular battery mitochondria with energy to do everything better.

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