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Pets Should be Fasting Too

We have a special guest on our latest episode 139 of The Fasting Podcast WOW (Wellness & Optimal Weight). Hear from an expert holistic integrative veterinarian who takes the mystery out of why our pets have worse cancer statistics than humans.

What are the key reasons for this? What they are eating – typical kibble from grocery stores and when they are eating (all day instead of dawn and dusk like their ancestors).

So why are we feeding our pets 40-60% carbohydrates instead of 1% carbohydrates? I’d say mainly because we are unaware and also because kibble from the grocery store is convenient. And why do we typically allow our pets to eat all day? My guess again is lack of awareness and convenience on our part.

We also must be aware of toxins in the water supply, the air in the home, the things we use to bathe them – avoiding as much toxicity ass possible and choosing natural options for our pets and ourselves.

I have personally worked with this veterinarian (Dr Marlene Seigel, DVM, CNHP, ALT, CORE) for over a decade in Tampa Bay, Florida. She has a heart for the animals and their parents – planning to create a detox center for both pets and parents in 2023. She is an innovative problem solver and has created online classes – one for pet parents and one for veterinarians.

To solve the diet problem, she actually created a product line of both food and supplements that does not cut corners or embed hidden ingredients. We should be feeding our pets a “species appropriate diet” – so think about how their ancestors ate in the wild with raw meat.

Take 15 minutes to hear from her directly and see her links on the slides at

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