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Reasons to Tackle a 3-Day Fast

Would you like to give your immune system a new lease on life, drop toxins and weight quickly, and receive major benefits in just 3 days? There are so many reasons to consider a 3-day water fast.

Here is a list of some of the magnificent potential benefits:

· Ability to handle insulin may improve

· Fat burning can start within first 24 hours

· Youthful HGH may increase 1300% women, 2000% men preserve muscle and may continue beyond the end of the fast

· Inflammatory marker IGF1 may decrease significantly

· Autophagy may increase 300% in first 24 hours, 30% more in next 24 hours

· Stem cell activation may increase & continue 5+ days after end of fast

· Immune system may get a new lease on life by the end of the fast

· For those choosing chemotherapy, 3-day fast before may improve results

· Situation with abnormal cells may improve

· Situation with yeast overgrowth/candida may improve

· Ability to persevere16 or 18 hours fast in intermittent fasting may be easier

· May reduce excess weight and toxins

· May improve heart health, digestive health, brain health, colon health…

Amazing potential benefits for simply doing a 3-day water fast, right? If this interests you for yourself or a loved one, it is important to understand these key considerations, feeling free to email me for clarification at


All people with health challenges should check with their health care professional first. People on medications (e.g. blood sugar, pressure), pregnant/nursing, young children, eating disorders, and very thin people are especially advised to get medical input before fasting. Extreme athletes in season should not fast.

· Eligibility – some people should NOT fast, others check with doctor

· Choose exactly 72 hours or 3 calendar days (more hours)

· Preparation including intermittent fasting short window, low carb, bowels open, consider a 1-day fast as part of the 2-3 week preparation…

· Include mental/emotional preparation and consider not telling others

· Consider using sea salt & an enzyme/probiotic blend (won’t interfere)

· Also consider glutathione that may neutralize oxidative stress from toxins

· Plentiful pure water important – we don’t recommend dry fasting

· Limit exercise during the 3 days but lymphatic movement is important

· Get grounded by walking barefoot in the grass, relax, meditate if desired

· Expect possible symptoms like hunger, sleep disturbed, etc.

· Listen to your body before, during, after the fast – rate energy/sleep…

· Gradual refeeding including protein isolate & intermittent fasting

Some additional details may be gleaned from episode 137 podcast and youtube “Reasons to Tackle a 3-Day Water Fast” If you wish my input on possible supplements, contact me at the email above.

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