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Add This to Your Diet, Fasting or Not

Chia seeds are amazing superfoods that have been used as currency and considered more valuable than gold. They are so nutritious some believe you could survive on those alone (I’m not one of those, but they are super nutritious and beneficial to our health.

Many, or perhaps most, people could benefit from more fiber & prebiotic in their diet, more protein, more omega 3 essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants, and a wealth of vitamins and minerals including the alkalizing minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium.

These tiny seeds can be eaten whole, soaked or ground, used in water, baked goods, puddings, cereals, soups, salads, veggies or more. Benefits are enormous, especially if you practice and study intermittent fasting.

Here are some benefits:

• Aids in balancing blood sugar, helping to reduce cravings

• Chia may help reduce ghrelin, the hunger hormone

• High fiber content can help with feeling of fullness to assist fasting

• The fiber / prebiotic also helps gut health and bowel movements & toxin removal, important in fasting and digestion/absorption

• Key components in our diet to satiate or full us up – protein & fiber

• High in alkaline minerals to help balance pH (calc, mag, potassium)

• Chia seeds help you burn fat – a key goal with intermittent fasters

• Help boost & sustain energy to aid in fasting goals

• Help build lean & strong muscles – important with fasting goals

• Heart, dental health, cancer fighting, brain health, kidney health, skin & more

• Anti-inflammatory

• Supports good hydration

Fiber is something you should work up slowly on and consume plenty of water to avoid getting stopped up. When done properly, perhaps working up to 1-4 tablespoons per day, it can help with bowel movements, digestion, absorption of nutrients, energy, strength, stamina and much more.

For additional information check out episode 119 of The Fasting Podcast WOW (Wellness & Optimal Weight) at There are also earlier episodes on fiber, omega 3, bowel movements, and protein.

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