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Best Sweetener I Have Found

Can you imagine a natural sweetener that is virtually calorie free, no effect on blood sugar, 200-300 times sweeter than cane sugar, no bitter aftertaste and offers these amazing benefits:

• Virtually calorie free

• High in mogrocides I-V – powerful antioxidants that do a great job at decreasing NK-B (immune system) and IL-6 (inflammation) and COX-2 (inflammation) without decreasing COX-1 that is protective of the gut

• No bitter aftertaste like some consider from stevia

• Has a negligible effect on blood sugar – may help avoid diabetes

• It’s unique metabolism does not spike insulin & may help with weight loss

• No gastrointestinal distress like sugar alcohols

• Anti-inflammatory – compared to table sugar which is highly inflammatory

• Cancer – interferes with rapidly dividing cancer & induce cancer death

• Longevity – protects mitochondria DNA from oxidative stress & lower fatigue

• Anti-microbial – inhibit candida, streptococcus, bacteria in gum disease

• Seasonal allergy support – mouse study lower histamine response allergens

• Anti-fibrotic – scarred lung tissue has trouble extracting oxygen from air

• Contra-obesity – 2016 study mogrol reduce ability to increase fat mass

• Protection heart challenges – protect from plaque buildup & increase HDL

This is from a small green fruit grown in the mountains of China as early as the 13th century. It was brought to the USA and other countries in early 20th century by the National Geographic Foundation, but only became readily available in recent years.

I prefer this to all other sweeteners, fasting or not. For more information, check out new podcast/youtube episode 129 Monk Fruit Ideal Sweetener for Fasting at For questions and feedback, contact

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