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I Tried Nutrisystem with Fasting

Anyone that watches television has probably seen commercials for Nutrisystsem, Jenny Craig, WW Weight Watchers and more. I decided to read reviews on the internet and pick one of them to test, given that I am a holistic wellness educator and coach. After reading reviews, I picked Nutrisystem.

I had executed the Nutrisystem plan 30+ years ago and the company was to celebrate their 50th birthday this year in 2022. Like friends and family, in my original encounter, we all lost our weight, then we all gained it back, unwilling to drag those little pre-packaged meals into restaurants to explain we were on a special diet.

At that time, we had to do weekly weigh-ins in person and be accountable. There wasn’t a lot of variety, but enough to get the job done. I wasn’t aware of natural health at that time, so I never even thought about the ingredients. I was blissfully unaware, the real reason why I encountered by health scare 20 years ago when my doctor told me I had 2 sets of abnormal cells in 2 different places, was aged beyond my years internally and would most assuredly be getting cancer and there was nothing I could do to prevent it.

Fast forward to current times – I have been teaching/coaching natural health for 2 decades, especially being aware. So, I see systems like this in a whole new light – grounded by awareness, yet countered with an open mind that allowed me to test something that I knew wasn’t perfect before I started.

I executed the new 2022 version of Nutrisystem for 4 weeks, having chosen the top-of-the-line plan that included the new “Inspirations” fancy dinners that were reportedly inspired by restaurant favorites. I chose enough meals to allow for their flex breakfast, lunch and dinner 2 days a week on different days as recommended. This way a person learns to eat “real” food starting after the first week, which also brings the benefit of being able to eat at restaurant or other people’s homes or have family over and being able to eat the same thing they do. This alone was a nice surprise.

There were many more pleasant surprises, along with several disappointments. During the process, I tested the compatibility of intermittent fasting since my podcast audience is very interested in fasting. Well, it wasn’t a great fit, but there’s a way it might work well.

The pleasant surprises, the fit with fasting and the disappointments are all detailed in the new podcast episode of The Fasting Podcast WOW (Wellness & Optimal Weight) – Episode 123: Nutrisystem & Intermittent Fasting. Whether you have ever wondered or may have a friend or family member that is checking out the options, check out this new episode at

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