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Let Your Numbers Drive Your Wellness or Fasting Plan

Did you ever go on a road trip out-of-state and not have a plan? Did you go without a map, a GPS, or even a destination? You probably had specific goals and made sure you were going to accomplish the important ones.

Why are you going on a trip anyway? Well, if you go on a wellness or weight loss trip, you need to know why and what you will be doing, and be able to tell if you are getting where you need or want to be.

In my 2-decade wellness career after a life-threatening health scare, I learned a variety of tips, tricks, tools and facts that can help. I also learned things that especially motivate me to achieve my goals.

Some people think they are healthy and at a fine weight, yet they have no idea they might be alarmingly high in visceral fat clinging to vital organs or low in skeletal muscle percent for their gender and age group. SO, if you don’t already have one, even if you’re thin, get a body composition scale and you can find them for less than $30 on Amazon that track visceral fat, muscle percent, body age, etc.

That is one key tool that anyone caring about their wellness should have and a single device can usually keep track of multiple people in the same household. A simple measuring tape is important because if muscle percent goes up and body fat goes down, one can have a big difference in inches while the scale hasn’t changed a bit.

Some people like to know whether they are burning stored fat – using ketones created by the liver for fuel rather than using glucose or sugar for fuel. Forget those urination strips and even forget the breath meters (even though they might be fun). Those don’t measure what needs to be measured in your situation unless you are a diabetic using the strips for their intended purpose. In our instance, we need to check the blood. I personally like a combination unit that measures not only the ketones but also the glucose from the single prick and provides a glucose ketone index (GKI). I mention which one I prefer at an affordable price in my new podcast episode 130 Measure & Plan Your Fasting Results at

Check that podcast/youtube for other tips and tricks that can aid and motivate you. The key: know your numbers, use them in creating a custom plan and use the numbers to ensure your goals are being met along the way. For questions and feedback, contact

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