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Magnesium the Magnificent Mineral

Are you one of the majority of people that are magnesium deficient? Are you aware of the multitude of important functions that magnesium performs in our bodies? Do you know whether your diet includes plenty of organic foods high in magnesium? Did you know our bodies do not manufacture magnesium, so we must get it from food, drink or supplements?

Are you into fasting, intermittent fasting (aka time-restricted eating) or a water fast? If so, did you know that magnesium may be depleted during the fasting state, yet there are many benefits that sufficient magnesium can bring to the fasting process?

Can you relate to any of the possible deficiency signs: headaches, poor sleep, muscle spasms or cramps, irregular heartbeat, fatigue, pain/soreness, poor cognitive processing, numbness or tingling, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, weakness, constipation & related disorders e.g. IBS, fibromyalgia, mood or behavioral disorders e.g. anxiey, depression, ADHD…

Is your diet high in these organic foods: green leafy veggies, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, almonds, spinach, other nuts, black beans, brown rice, oatmeal, yogurt, kidney beans, banana, Atlantic salmon, avocado…

Are you at higher risk for any of these possible reasons: alcohol dependence, gastrointestinal disease or surgeries, some Rx like Nexium or Lasix, type 2 diabetes, elderly, people that eat GMO and processed foods…

Would you welcome additional magnesium to help with any of the following: memory, mood/stress, relaxation/sleep, blood sugar control, bone density, cardio supp, detox in liver, gut motility, nitric acid regulation , stomach acid regulation…

Some forms of magnesium supplements are primarily for help with constipation, while others are helpful for the many uses of magnesium within the body. To learn which types are most absorbable and bioavailable, what benefits to fasting magnesium can offer, and which type I personally prefer, check out the new podcast episode 127 Magnesium & Fasting at For feedback and questions, email me

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