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Satiety Can Be a Serious Challenge

Do you feel like you need to eat something else soon after a meal? Or perhaps feel like you are looking for something to snack on in an hour or less after you have eaten? Some people feel like they are always hungry and just can’t get that satisfaction feeling that they ate enough and crave nothing afterward.

SATIETY is feeling satisfied after the meal and potentially for 3-5 hours later. Satiety is one of the most important aspects of a good eating plan, yet very little eating plans talk about this topic. Whether you are fasting or not, there are some key principles and helpful tips to increase your satiety levels, which can help you achieve and maintain optimal weight. With satiety mastered, your level of contentment and self-confidence may even increase.

Of the primary macronutrients, consider this sequence for what to focus on:


2) FIBER-rich foods (special form of carbohydrates – episode 63)

3) HEALTHY FATS (which can trigger our leptin/ghrelin hormones well)

4) NON-FIBER CARBS (which affect insulin levels, not very satiating

The typical Standard American Diet (SAD) is abundant with man-made processed and refined foods, often high in non-fiber carbs. These can actually wreak havoc with your sense of satiety after meals and can contribute to risk of poor health, obesity and lack of energy and vitality. It can also interfere with deep sleep and the balancing of the leptin and ghrelin hunger hormones.

Hydration is a key topic in talking about satiety. Nutrient deficiency can be a factor for you, whether you are not consuming what you need or not absorbing what you consumed. Emotions and mindful eating are key. There are many possible hindrances and ways to avoid these to enhance satiety covered in the new podcast/youtube episode 116 Satiety – Carbs, Fats or Proteins? You may access either the video episode with the slides or the audio episode at (episode 116). For questions and feedback, contact

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