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The Hormone That Drives Our Weight & Health Challenges

This hormone needs to be in balance. Too much and we get inflammation and fat storage. If our body produces none, we may be forced into daily shots. If we have a good balance, it can open our cells to let in the nutrients needed to make vital energy in our cellular battery mitochondria.

Which food type do we eat that can wreak havoc with this hormone if we over-do it? Carbohydrates (e.g. starches and sugar), especially refined carbs like white bread, donuts, pasta – man-made. If we stick to organic foods, the impact can be more easily kept where we want it.

This is the hormone that drives people to diabetes, with higher risk of serious diseases including cancer. This is the hormone that most people are not adequately tested for when they go to the doctor. These people can have damaged cell membranes, unable to deal effectively with this hormone – they just don’t know it until they have serious damage and inflammation.

This is a hormone we need to know more about. I invite you to watch the podcast that debuted the same day as this blog article – episode 114 which can be found at

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