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Toxicity: Key to Lasting Weight Control & Good Health

How is your body composition – body fat and muscle percentages, visceral fat clinging to vital organs, etc? Is your energy level, sleep, health and weight in top condition? Can you honestly say you couldn’t be better?

If so, you are probably very aware of what goes in your body and how your body is reacting to that. If not, toxins are a key factor in why you might be sick, tired, overweight, frustrated with weight plateaus or rebounding.

Our food, air, water and products we use everyday are often highly toxic. This is part of being unaware as many of your friends or family are probably being. Do them a favor and encourage them to get more into natural health education. My newest podcast/youtube episode 131 is Toxins-Fasting Connection at

Toxic overload can lead to a snowball effect, especially when we are unaware of some of the angles:

• Humans were not designed for this toxic world & are often UNAWARE

• Survival mode – our fat cells sequester toxins, yet fat generates toxins

• Many people lack good hydration to help processing & clearing toxins

• Many eat from morning to night, overheated & unable to rest/cleanse

• Many heartburn/reflux/digestion challenged, creating more toxins even from organic food that is not processed correctly – check episode 19

• Liver often becomes burdened trying to deal with toxin overload, cannot remove toxins effectively – episodes 120/121 on glutathione

• Many have significant heavy metals from antiperspirants, dental fillings, pots & pans, coffee creamers, etc and this affects toxicity level

• Bowels often clogged with major toxicity so buildup increases and can have effect of never taking out the garbage from your house

• Many lack sufficient probiotics/prebiotics and enzymes to function well

• Yeast overgrowth candida and parasites thrive and morph in the mess and are more difficult to remove with the heavy metals (like a cess pool)

• Abnormal cells, autoimmune situations, and serious disease are rampant

So what actions can we take to address the toxicity affecting our weight, fasting goals and health?

• Get more awareness and natural health education, while listening to your body (episode 21) and react based on education to correct

• Have excellent hydration, digestion, assimilation and bowel movements

• Eat/drink organic, using natural personal/cleaning/other products

• Use an excellent air filter and water filter – get plenty fresh air & sunshine

• Cleanse (bowels, liver, kidneys, lymph, etc) – consider a water fast

• Get into your body what it needs (e.g. probiotics, enzymes, etc)

• Practice intermittent fasting – more like cave men instead of eating all day

• Use a body composition scale (use episode 130 to Measure & Plan Your Fast)

• Unload the toxins to avoid yo-yo dieting or rebounding

For questions and feedback, email me at

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